met Bruce on a plane in 1991, they were on their way to a party, as you do at 21 - it was the best thing that ever happened to them both.

Together they built a creative hospitality empire, where the foundations and platform of their initial vision has created today's workplace - where Big ideas, turn into reality. To this day they remain involved in the initial concept through to the direction and creation of spectacular events and experiences for some of the most influential individuals and companies both within Australia, and Internationally.

Step inside the world of Chyka Keebaugh, and you will find a path to the creation of beautiful interiors with the things she loves most, from undiscovered masterpieces to the trinkets she has collected whist globetrotting through the terrains less trodden. We call her the Bowerbird - the collector of all things beautiful and precious, and with a burning wanderlust to discover the road less travelled. Through the lanterned alleyways of South East Asia, to the rainbow powdered skies of India, the Big Apple, through timeless Europe, the Golden Middle East, to dusty Central America, and back to her home, a diamond in the rough, Australia; Chyka's passport never sits still for too long.

Currently Chyka is in the midst of collaborating on exclusive projects in Italy, South of France, the Middle East and South America.

Work-life balance has always been important and whilst life is hectic, it primarily centres around the most precious thing in her life - family and friends. From sharing a coffee with her eldest daughter, Chessie, or sitting side-line together to cheer on at her son, BJ's rugby match, to a dinner party with old friends. The greatest assets in life for Chyka are not her possessions (although she does admit she loves beautiful things!) but the joy, memories and shared dreams of the people she holds closest in her heart.

Chyka's career has spanned many experiences, after gracing us with her creative visions and interior expertise on 'Good Morning Australia', where we welcomed her into our homes all those years ago. Cushions were puffed, beds were fluffed and blank canvases were transformed with simplicity to make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Being one of Melbourne's most respected and sought after socialites, Chyka's calendar is never dull. With her recent inclusion to the cast of The Real Housewives of Melbourne - things are even busier. Still, in all the hype and demand around the show, Chyka keeps herself grounded, finding the time for the things she loves most; her family, her roses and any chance to re-arrange the couches in The Big Group Head Office, before heading out to one of the Capital Kitchen cafes for a hot latte and a quick catch up with the CK team.

To add to Chyka and Bruce's portfolio, of which they have together worked on tirelessly for the past 23 years, they now exclusively host parties and events in the enchanted Mural Hall, as well as South Melbourne's best kept secret, the rooftop chic venue, Luminare.

One of Chyka's greatest weaknesses is rummaging through the morning's delivery of vintage furniture to add to The Design Depot's hire portfolio, the pairs styling and event hire studio. And just when the diary schedule starts to peter off, a trip up to Canberra will fill the gap nicely, as she regularly visits the team situated at the spectacularly modest and serene National Gallery of Australia as well as multiple corporate catering contracts nationally.

With over 1,600 employees all wanting a taste of The Big Group recipe, Chyka and Bruce are the driving force behind one of Australia's most respected and sought after event and catering corporations.

Chyka is one of a kind, living life as it comes, and enjoying the moments it creates with the ones she loves most. Her unique and magical character is infectious to all who she meets, and her individual stamp is printed on all that she turns from a dream into a wonderland of life at its greatest.